Lemoni's Days

The Story of Lemoni the Cat

The Ambush

I like hiding in this tunnel…

“Sshh… looks like somebody is coming…”

“Grrr… gotcha!!”

Hey Lemoni, let go of my sandal!

“No! Grrr!!!”

“Alright, I let your sandal go… let me in please…”

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The Cat Tree

We just made a cat tree for Lemoni. Now she’s sleeping on it.

Hey, Lemoni!


Do you like your new house?

Yeah… kinda…

That’s it? Just kinda like it?

Alright, alright, I like it so much. Now leave me alone, I want to sleep!

Hahaha, alright then… sleep tight Lemoni ^^

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Hello Butterfly

Hey Lemoni, what are you looking at?


There’s a weird creature up there.

Ohh… it’s a butterfly!

Hey don’t do that! She’ll be scared of you.

Here, here Butterfly… don’t worry, I won’t hurt you!

There you are… hey, you look beautiful…

Don’t bite her, Lemoni!

Of course not! This is how I introduce myself, I sniff!

…or you want to shake my hand, Butterfly?

You gave the wrong hand, Lemoni 🙂

You have to go already? OK then… see you later…

Oh, I forgot to ask her name.


Lemoni and the Plastic Bag

Hey Lemoni, what are you doing?

I’m doing some research

Really? What research?

They said plastics are dangerous for the environment, I wanna know why…

How thoughtful you are, so did you find why?

Sshh… I’m busy now!

How can I help? Haha, you look funny inside there ^^

You’re not helping at all :|”

How can I get out of here?!? grmblksgwrmbl!!!

Fyuhh… finally I can get out. Now I know why this plastic is dangerous!


Play with the Box

What is this?

I think it’s a box… it looks suspicious…

Anyone inside there?

I’ll peek to see what’s inside there…

Hmm… I think no one’s inside… But I’ll just make sure...”

Ok, I’ll claim this box!

Since nobody’s watching…

… I’m going in!

Only one problem… does anyone know hot to get out?