Lemoni's Days

The Story of Lemoni the Cat

Monday Morning




What day is today? Sunday?

No, it’s Monday.

Hwahhhhhmm!! I’m still sleepy…

Well… everyday is Sunday for me anyway

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Hide and Seek

Hey Lemoni, how about playing hide and seek?

You should hide and I’ll find you, ok?

Umm… ok…





Hmm… now I have no more place to hide…

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I Can Sleep Wherever I Want

Sometimes I sleep on the house…

Sometimes I sleep in the cage…”

Sometimes I sleep in the box…

Still in the same box, but different style…

But this time I choose to be anti-mainstream!

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The Tunnel

What is this thing? I’ve never seen it before…

I think it’s a tunnel.

Hey, wanna see some magic?

You can’t see my head!

Now you can’t see my body!

Hhhghh…this magic thingy makes me tired… so I”ll just lay down for a while…

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Adventure on the Roof


krrr… krrr….

Meh.. I’m bored! I need something more challenging.

Let’s try to climb to the roof… maybe I can see the world from here...”

Sshh… I’m on the hunt! I’m aiming for the birds on the antenna!

Well, it turns out that I’m not good at hunting…

So I’m just playing ball for now.

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