Lemoni's Days

The Story of Lemoni the Cat

The Cat Tree

We just made a cat tree for Lemoni. Now she’s sleeping on it.

Hey, Lemoni!


Do you like your new house?

Yeah… kinda…

That’s it? Just kinda like it?

Alright, alright, I like it so much. Now leave me alone, I want to sleep!

Hahaha, alright then… sleep tight Lemoni ^^

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Monday Morning




What day is today? Sunday?

No, it’s Monday.

Hwahhhhhmm!! I’m still sleepy…

Well… everyday is Sunday for me anyway

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I Can Sleep Wherever I Want

Sometimes I sleep on the house…

Sometimes I sleep in the cage…”

Sometimes I sleep in the box…

Still in the same box, but different style…

But this time I choose to be anti-mainstream!

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