Lemoni's Days

The Story of Lemoni the Cat

Hello Butterfly

on May 13, 2012

Hey Lemoni, what are you looking at?


There’s a weird creature up there.

Ohh… it’s a butterfly!

Hey don’t do that! She’ll be scared of you.

Here, here Butterfly… don’t worry, I won’t hurt you!

There you are… hey, you look beautiful…

Don’t bite her, Lemoni!

Of course not! This is how I introduce myself, I sniff!

…or you want to shake my hand, Butterfly?

You gave the wrong hand, Lemoni 🙂

You have to go already? OK then… see you later…

Oh, I forgot to ask her name.


2 responses to “Hello Butterfly

  1. Hey Moni, you kiss her without asking her name, that’s why she leaved. :p

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