Lemoni's Days

The Story of Lemoni the Cat

The Cat Tree

We just made a cat tree for Lemoni. Now she’s sleeping on it.

Hey, Lemoni!


Do you like your new house?

Yeah… kinda…

That’s it? Just kinda like it?

Alright, alright, I like it so much. Now leave me alone, I want to sleep!

Hahaha, alright then… sleep tight Lemoni ^^

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New House: Part 2

I like this house… but I feel there’s something missing

I think I’m gonna need this cloth… ughh pull.. pull!

Now I can sleep well ^^


New House

I like sleeping on the floor, but sometimes it’s kinda cold…

Could you give me some house? Pweeasee?

OK, wait a sec. Hey Lemoni, check this out!


Hmm… lemme check… don’t you think we need some furniture here? It’s kinda empty…

Hey, it got some windows! I can see you from here!

I can even reach the balls from here!

This house is really cool, I kinda like it ^^

You’re welcome, Lemoni 🙂

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