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The Story of Lemoni the Cat

New House: Part 2

I like this house… but I feel there’s something missing

I think I’m gonna need this cloth… ughh pull.. pull!

Now I can sleep well ^^


New House

I like sleeping on the floor, but sometimes it’s kinda cold…

Could you give me some house? Pweeasee?

OK, wait a sec. Hey Lemoni, check this out!


Hmm… lemme check… don’t you think we need some furniture here? It’s kinda empty…

Hey, it got some windows! I can see you from here!

I can even reach the balls from here!

This house is really cool, I kinda like it ^^

You’re welcome, Lemoni 🙂

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Hello world!

Welcome! This blog is dedicated to our cat, Lemoni. We love to take some picture of her while she’s playing or sleeping or doing something funny. Then we think, why don’t we make a new blog for her. So here it is, hope you enjoy reading it ^^

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